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Oliver Scott, Chiropractic



Scott Oliver has always had a great love for sports and the outdoors.  Throughout his youth he played many sports including hockey, baseball, swimming, and beach volleyball, while in high school he concentrated on track (200m & 400m) and American football. In university he competed on the track and rowing teams.

Working at the Calgary Center for Health as a kinesiologist/exercise therapist was where Scott began to develop his passion for chiropractic and the amazing results it had on people’s sport performance, health and lives. Within the chiropractic profession, Scott has a special interest in sport performance, paediatrics, and pathological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Cerebral Palsy.




info-responsive-icon-copy-copy☞ Education :

✓ Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg, USA- Doctor of Chiropractic.
✓ Life University, Atlanta, USA- Doctor of Chiropractic.
✓ University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada- Bachelor of Kinesiology
✓ Thérapie manuelle neurodynamique.
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada- BScKin.




3-competences-responsive-icon-copy-copy☞ Expérience :

  • • Owner & clinic director, private practice Luxembourg family & sports chiropractic- 2004-present.
  • • Doctor of Chiropractic, Kinesiologist. Neuro-musculoskeletal Specialist concentrating on the subluxation complex of the spine and extremities, spinal rehabilitation, prevention and peak performance; exercise prescription, gait analysis, sport technique analysis ; Running technique classes.
  • • Special interests in pathological conditions such as multiple and cerebral palsy.
  • • Health lecturing for groups, clubs, and businesses.
  • • Kinesiologist, exercise therapist, Calgary centre for health, Canada – 1999-2000.
  • • Spinal and joint rehabilitation, Gait analysis and orthotic design utilizing FOOTMAXX technology, Neurological and SEMG scanning, Exercise ball classes for core stability, balance, and strength.
  • • Training Designs, Calgary, Alberta- 1999-00
  • • Personal business designing training programs for fitness, weight training, speed & weight loss.
  • • Health Technologies, Calgary, Alberta- 1999-2000.
  • • Personal trainer, rehabilitation assessment. Vocational Rehabilitation Research Institute, Calgary, Alberta- 1998-99 Community and residential assistance for disabled adults.
  • • The Running Room, Calgary, Alberta- 1997-98.
  • • Running specialty store- sales associate; Group running leader. M.O.C.A. Family Resource Centre, Calgary, Alberta- 1997 Summer day camp supervisor: program planning, supervision of staff, counseling of children ages 6-12. Y.M.C.A., Cambridge, Ontario – 1992-94 Director of Sports day camp program, counsellor.




diplome-responsive-icon-copy-copy☞ Skills and certifications :

  • ✓ National Boards of Chiropractic Certification Parts I, II, and III, U.S.A. 2004.
    ✓ Alberta Strength & Conditioning Certification, 1998.
    ✓ Canadian N.C.C.P. (National Coaching Certification Program) Levels I & II, 1998.
    ✓ Chiropracitic and Pregnancy- modules 1-3 from Bridgeport Chiropractic College (BCC).
    Chiropractic and Golf- modules 1-3, BCC.
    ✓ Chiropractic Neurology- modules 1-4 BCC.
    ✓ NeuroImpulse Protocol- Basic and Advanced.




check-responsive-icon-copy-copy☞ Chiropractic techniques :

  • ✓ Gonstead NeuroImpulse Protocol.
    ✓ Blair Diversified.
    ✓ Chiropractic Association Membership.
    ✓ 2012- present : President of ChiroLetzebuerg.
    2005-present : European Chiropractic Union.
    ✓ 2004-present : World Chiropractic Alliance.



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