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Portrait de Marie Lanners dans le Valais Guide, “Crans-Montana, Switzerland”

Interview de Farrol Kahn, 15. 09. 2014


The mind makes the difference …

“All you need to be a success is for someone to show you the way. Everybody has the resources inside.” Marie Lanners.

Marie Lanners, who lives in Crans- Montana is an extraordinary woman who modestly calls herself a sports coach. If one demanded of someone who coaches people in sports what she actually does, they would be a nervous wreck in no time. It has nothing to do with showing a tennis player how to improve their serve or how an athlete can increase their stamina for a marathon. She is expected to restore to peak performance an athlete who has hit a barrier or is on a burnout. The programme includes comprehensive care with specific enhancement of physical, psychological, medical, mental and nutritional elements. Her mission is to achieve more results faster with less effort and more fun.
“There was a case with a tennis star who was brilliant in practice with his serves,” she said, “but when he was in a tournament he failed badly. It was an instance of what I call parallelism because the same applied sexually with his girl friend. He was great with her before tournaments and unsatisfactory during them. He was on a downward spiral – he was frustrated and had lost confidence in himself. At such an impasse, our intervention enabled him clear the barrier and achieve his goals.”

In the 21st century, when the lives of people are in the fast track and stressed, it’s admirable that Marie Lanners has come up with such an exceptional and positive solution. Her work is quite a revelation and can have a wider application. One only has to think of the flip side when tension, fear and anxiety in high-powered careers can also end in failure and tragedy. However, it is good to realise that there is a professional who can listen and understand the mental processes and human behaviour. The mind makes a difference between an athlete and a champion. It starts in the head. Physical performance is also psychological performance.

Marie Lanners was born in Luxembourg and as a child was a voracious reader. She graduated in psychology and teaching at the Université Libre, Brussels and later as a professional coach and sport performance in Paris. Her mentor was Carl Jung, in particular the theories of personality. An innovation which she uses is the triangle of thought, emotion and behaviour which she applies in her personality test to ascertain how someone is functioning.

“Once I have the test results, I will show the person how to utilise their potential,” she said, “develop their inner power and build winning strategies to improve their performance and achieve their goals. What I love most is to meet a deadline. To know that we have, say two months, to work on the person from the centre out, from analysis to answers. To get the individual or team back on track.”

Her technique can be applied to people in general. It can be a simple matter of being shy and not being able to communicate with others or being afraid of speaking in public or overcoming a fear of failure in business or life.

The challenge for Marie is to help that person to gain more confidence in themselves. For whatever reason, they suddenly find themselves in a situation of failure. Her key to such circumstances is to search in the past for a period when they were successful with their endeavours. Then to take them back to that positive state and get them to remember everything about it.

copyright ⒸFarrol Kahn, Crans-Montana Switzerland (Valais Guide), 2014.

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